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I just found the most badass Bitcoin T-Shirt of all time.

For all you 1MB Block lovers out there. Hint, it's Mircea Popescu! Show your love for 1 MB blocks.
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BitcoinMeister - The 1 Bitcoin Show- Vlad Costea talks Lightning Network, BTC media, Romania, Mircea Popescu, more!

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Paul Sztorc on Twitter: "It seems that [Mircea Popescu] has internalized Bitcoin's full node externality. Initial reaction: "Wow.""

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"The woman's job is to find a great man (not good, by the way), suck his cock, wash his socks and write his eulogy." Bitcoin thought leader Mircea Popescu enlightens.

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@henry_popescu @nic__carter That's empirically wrong. We already see people buy things with bitcoin everyday. Peopl… - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: March 3, 2018 at 05:06AM
@henry_popescu @nic__carter That's empirically wrong. We already see people buy things with bitcoin everyday. Peopl…
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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06-18 17:01 - 'Mircea Popescu: 'To the DAO and the Ethereum community: Fuck you.' ["I have carefully examined the code of The DAO and decided to participate after finding the feature where splitting is rewarded with additional E...' ( by /u/eragmus removed from /r/Bitcoin within 19-24min

Mircea Popescu: 'To the DAO and the Ethereum community: Fuck you.' ["I have carefully examined the code of The DAO and decided to participate after finding the feature where splitting is rewarded with additional ETH. I have rightfully claimed 3,641,694 ETH."]
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: eragmus
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05-12 19:22 - 'Bitcoin cafe' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Carla_Popescu removed from /r/Bitcoin within 40-50min

Hello, My name is Carla , i live in Romania and i have an ordinary life,i wake up go to work,than , i do what i do,and i go to sleep. I am doing the same everyday and i didn't know what i should do with my life. I hate my work, i stay 2 hours per day stalk in traffic,and my boss knows every day how to make my day worse, i even think he thinks a day before: "hmmm... What can i do tommorow so that my employees have an even miserable day than today :)). So.. until now, my life it's exactly like many many others people lifes to.. But i heard about a book : Think and grow rich from Napolen Hill, an i read it over and over again, and than i heard about Bitcoin for the first time from my boyfriend. He is obssesd with the idea in a good way :) and now i have this two things in mind: law of attraction,and Bitcoin,i know, normalyone thing has nothing to do with the other know , if i try to speak with someone, about the law of attraction, they ignore me, and when i try to speak with anyone about Bitcoin, they all laugh at me.So here is the only palce where i know that people can understand...I want to belive in my new "Religion" (the law of attraction) to think positive and to use words like "i can" "i will" "i belive" i read books from Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Andrew Carnegie, and now i dare to dream : I dream that i, I GIRL that is only 28 , can have the first Bitcoin Cafe in Romania. A futuristic one in the biggest shopping center from Town. With a big Tv where all day are news about Bitcoin,with selected videos about Bill Gates interviev about Bitcoin, with all the good things that i can find about Bitcoin on youtbe,with a nice and select place and design like the people who own Bitcoin, with class and Style, with magazines on the tabel were people can find out the whole History of Bitcoin is and all this thinks so that people wonder: "What is Bitcoin" because people are courios, and i know this wold be a perfect coffee place in Romania,IT WOULD ROOOCCKKK..but who am i kidding? i am poor, my familiy is poor, i win 200 Dolas/ Month, i will never have the Money to make something like this. I wanted to give up the idea, but i can't. I visualized it every day when i go by to a coffe place, i dream it at night,and it's all that i am talking about,but than again, i have to wake up to my reality. But before i do that i wanted to beg you guys to help me change my life and i promise i wil do the same thing , and with the Bitcoin that i became from you, one day i will give someone,the same help at the right time in life like you did this for me.I know that good things and money and miracles don't fall from heaven for no one, but i also know that drop with drop can make a lake an and a poor Romanian girl, the hapiest girl in the world. Just a drop from you guys, for me it word be the whole world.So, please help me guys to make my dream come true, I will take the rest of money from the Bank but they don’t give me that much. I need something to Start with.So thank you for taking the Time to read this and if I get any help, I promise I will not dissapoint you. 1Jt1DPBLDSHqPKuyMcLFx5DwckDhepuBFB
Bitcoin cafe
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Author: Carla_Popescu
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Holy shit. Is early bitcoin adopter Mircea Popescu TheDAO attacker? Not unlikely at all.

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One of the most important source of information in the crypto space has just removed paywall. Bitcoin billionaire Mircea Popescu now shares his thoughts.

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Paul Sztorc on Twitter: "It seems that [Mircea Popescu] has internalized Bitcoin's full node externality. Initial reaction: "Wow.""

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mircea_popescu sells 5000 Ethereum for 1 bitcoin deliverable March 15, 2015.
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"but if I got it right, he has mass enslavement-genocidal plans, and setting up a feudal system"
Some fun quotes
Looks like he has a blog and I've been reading. It's a bit of a word salad headache, but if I got it right, he has mass enslavement-genocidal plans, and setting up a feudal system on BTC in which people that don't meet a certain level of IQ are sold, raped, killed....
Unless he's a troll and likes to play this villain persona, from what I've read he's defending rape, sending death treats over not agreeing with something, mass genocidal plans unless you can pass a fucking test...
If you weren't around to see people trying to buy/sell slaves online or whatever (when they weren't busy ripping people off) then it can be really hard to imagine how shitty people could actually be in public.
It looks like this is talking about Mircea Popescu who I've run across before. Supposedly he was rich before Bitcoin & claimed to own 1mil of them at different points.
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Without official statement from miners and others, one should treat all reports of Classic losing support as subterfuge.

It's obvious that since theymos can't censor all the other Bitcoin alternative subs, shills are coming out to post that classic is dead, this and that mining company removed support, etc, to create fear in the community that supports classic and block size increases. That way, the uninformed will simply think, 'oh it's dead, I'll just go back to status quo.'
Until the miners and other companies release official statements backing off of their previous support of Classic, it's important that we treat these reports for what they are - speculation at absolute best, and subterfuge at the worst.
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Serious threats of violence leveled at Andreas Antonopoulos

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MPEx: This is what we mean by “Bitcoin will revolutionize the banking industry”

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faq /

What is the company behind this project?
Kaasy is established in London, UK. Company Name: KAASY AI LTD, number 11521291
Who are your competitors?
Golem - We include many more features, like AI marketplace & skill rewards
SONM - We include many more features, like AI marketplace & skill rewards
DeepBrain - They are a smart contracts platform for AI algorithms + distributed infrastructure; no Intellectual Property side for skill rewards
iExec - Only a token on ETH blockchain vs. Own blockchain with mining & skills rewards
IAGON - We include many more features, like AI marketplace & skill rewards - personal note, that project is unlikely to be built because of wrong ideas in White Paper
What differentiates your model?
We introduced Skill Rewards. In current terminology, the closest you can find in the industry are patent royalties. In essence, the first user to teach the system a new skill (technique, algorithm) will gain rewards when that skill is used by others in the future. The user willing to run anything on the Kaasy network will have to pay for both the processing time and skill requirements.
What is the team's experience in the bitcoin/crypto community?
Most of the team has been involved in creating a crypto-exchange & trading website,, after trading considerable amounts, some of us even since 2009. We have been mining ETH based coins since 2016, in our own above 200 rigs farm.
What would the future look like if your project is successful?
Succesful completion of the KAASY.AI project will have a disruption effect in the Human Resources market, where many repetitive jobs will be automated, replicating techniques between companies and industries. This will free many to find more fullfilling employment.
What is the adaption strategy? How do you plan to grow the user base?
The MiningOS is a Linux based OS targeted at crypto mining individuals and farms.
The next milestones are oriented to both consumer and general industry, aiming to make Kaasy a go-to personal assistant for the general public.
The last milestone, RoboticsOS, makes the connection between the virtual and physical worlds, enabling Kaasy programs and skills to be applied to manual labor jobs, using different robots as End-Effectors.
Do you have a Referral Program?
Yes, we offer brand ambassadors the chance to earn revenue promoting Kaasy - revenues range between 4% and 10%, depending on the total amount brought in by each ambassador. Payment is at the end of the ICO.
What is your token?
Right now the Smart Contract is live on the Ethereum Network, at Upon launching our own blockchain in 2019, all owners of KAAS tokens will be able to change their KAAS tokens for coins on the new blockchain
How does your token work?
At first we have a standard Ethereum network token. We expect to launch our own blockchain in Q3 2019, moment at which we will exchange all KAAS tokens into coins on the new blockchain.
Can this be done without blockchain?
It cannot be done in a proper decentralized democratized way. AI can be developed without blockchain, yet blockchain might well be the technology that helps us humans understand AI.
What is the Total Supply?
Total Supply is 500M. Unsold Tokens will be not be minted.
What is the Circulating Supply?
Total Circulating supply won't be known until the end result of the ICO; We started with 200M at the start of the smart contract, for team, marketing & other purposes, and the next 300M represent the 60% offered for investment.
What happens to unsold tokens?
Unsold tokens will be not minted, keeping the total amount to only what was minted.
How long are the company tokens locked?
2 year vesting process, distributing proportional % every month via smart contract.
How long are advisor tokens locked?
They are not locked, as they will be provided from the first vestings of the team tokens.
What exchanges are you planning on listing on?
After the Token Sale, one of our main priorities will be to list the token on main exchanges. Our tokens are Ethereum ERC20-based and exchanges implementation should be smooth. We will list the token for sure on our trading platform and also on where our advisor Andrei Popescu is cofounder.
Who can contribute?
All countries except USA, China, Japan
Do you plan to buy back or burn tokens?
Burn unsold tokens = we will only mint 40% for different purposes mentioned in the WP and all that is automatically minted by the smart contract upon receiving ETH from KYC-white-listed addresses.
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Popescu Takes MPEx Private Will Still Trade Other Things

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Questions about technical / political / economic / "game theory" aspects of BU & ViaBTC. (1) With BU, can non-mining (full) nodes influence blocksize? (2) Should ViaBTC open-source their private relay network software? (3) Which is more anti-fragile: a ViaBTC/BU future, or a Core/SegWit future?

Some of these issues were raised briefly in today's AMA with Haipo Yang, founder and CEO of ViaBTC:
Mining vs non-mining nodes
What do you think of the influence of non-mining node operators under Bitcoin Unlimited's model for voting on maximum block size? Do you think that non-mining nodes signaling for a certain size would truly motivate miners to not exceed that size?
~ u/ChronosCrypto (Bitcoin Vlogger)
I believe that with the Bitcoin Unlimited method, the influence of non-mining nodes on the block size is very limited.
~ u/ViaBTC
ViaBTC's closed-source relay network
Are you using the Bitcoin FIBRE relay network
~ u/core_negotiator (Note: This person is not a "Core negotiator". There is no such thing.)
No, we use our own system [which was] developed by myself. It is much better.
~ u/ViaBTC
[Have you] Thought about having that incorporated into BU (even giving access to BU miners)? I ask because looking at some of your pool's first-job times, it looks your system is quite impressive and it'd be a massive slap in the face for core's RN et al
~ u/pekatete
I am very happy that other pool would like join our network.
~ u/ViaBTC
Why don't you open source it to help improve the network?
~ u/messiano84
haha so when will you open source it?
~ u/yeh-nah-yeh
Should we be concerned that ViaBTC will have a lot of hashing power - and they will be using a private, close-source relay network?
There is probably a lot of discussion we could have on this topic.
I like ViaBTC - but it seems strange that he did not address this point very much in his AMA.
Are we going to have to "trust ViaBTC" now and "trust" their closed-source private relay network software?
This seems like this would be a point of centralization / vulnerability in the network - where ViaBTC could abuse his power, or other players could attack ViaBTC, and harm Bitcoin itself.
How does BU "signaling" work - in a non-mining (fully-validating) node, vs a mining node.
One question quoted above from the AMA was:
Do you think that non-mining nodes signaling for a certain size would truly motivate miners to not exceed that size?
I understand there are multiple parameters involved in "signaling":
  • EB = excessive blocksize
  • AD = acceptance depth
(Are there other parameters too? I can't remember.)
Here is a Medium post by ViaBTC where he proposes some strategies for setting these parameters, in order to safely hard fork to bigger blocks with BU:
Miner Guide: How to Safely Hard Fork to Bitcoin Unlimited
Could we have some more discussion on how "signaling for" blocksizes works - under various possible future scenarios (optimistic / pessimistic... likely / unlikely / black-swan)?
There are various future scenarios (after the network has eventually / presumably forked from Core to BU) where people could use BU's parameters to realize certain results on the network.
(1) What are some of those future scenarios?
  • economic / political / technical events which could abruptly affect Bitcoin network traffic
    • already: Chinese currency (Yuan) dropping against US currency (dollar)
    • already: India demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes
    • likely: major ETF getting approved in the US (Winklevoss or other)
    • possible: additional spam attacks on the Bitcoin network
    • ...from white hats (testing the system; pointing out vulnerabilities; making a statement)
    • ...from black hats (another coin; a bot-net; pro-Core and/or anti-BU users; state / corporate actors; Mircea Popescu?)
    • black swan: some government does something weird & unexpected impacting financial markets and/or Bitcoin
    • ... Trump administration : some high-level person (who's actually just an alt-right blogger that Trump hired to run some major governnent department) makes some crazy pronouncement / ruling about the internet / about the markets (FCC eliminates network neutrality? T-Bill sale fails?)
    • ... Fed : rate hike? more helicopter money?
    • ... Europe : Deutsche Bank collapses? Merkel / ECB decides to rescue / not rescue them? bail-ins?
    • ... China : China bans Bitcoin again? releases their own crypto? imposes new capital controls? Bitcoin price goes moon and CNY crashes so Chinese govt imposes emergency ban on all traffic across Great Firewall - cutting off 80% of mining from the West?
    • ... Russian hackers? some 400 pound guy on his bed? 4chan? whoever took down a big chunk of the DNS a few weeks ago?
(2) What are some possible (typical, atypical... benevolent, malicious... altruistic, selfish... defensive, proactive... pessimistic, optimistic ) BU parameter-setting strategies which people might adopt in those scenarios?
  • Which software is more safe / more dangerous... more anti-fragile / more fragile in the above scenarios?
    • Core/SegWit 1-1.7M blocksize (assuming wallet / exchange software gets upgraded for SegWit)?
    • users "signaling for" blocksize on the network using parameters in Bitcoin Unlimited?
(3) Can we start putting together a comprehensive strategic "threat (and opportunity) assessment" on those various possible future scenarios / strategies - ranking various threats (and opportunities) in terms of impact as well as probability?
  • How would the network react to threats/opportunities using BU (with most mining still concentrated in China, and maybe also concetrated on ViaBTC's private closed-source relay network)?
  • How would the network react to threats/opportunities using Core/SegWit?
(4) A lot of the discussion about BU is among miners - mostly in China - and maybe later many miners will be using the ViaBTC pool - which is also offering a cloud mining option... so perhaps it is normal & expected that most of the discussion about BU parameters revolves around miners.
  • What about non-mining (fully-validating) nodes in a BU world?
  • What about SPV clients and servers in a BU world?
  • Do non-mining (fully-validating) nodes also have some role to play in helping to set the blocksize, and helping to secure and grow the network, based on setting BU parameters? Or with BU, only the miners decide?
  • Can non-mining (fully-validating) nodes prevent blocks from getting too big?
  • How would SPV clients and servers work in a BU world? Can they actively participate in helping to decide blocksize?
(5) Does BU give miners "all the power" - and so blocksize goes to 2 MB, 4 MB, 8 MB - and then some users from low-bandwidth geographic regions can no longer run full nodes at home?
(6) If we have a period of 1-2 weeks where "bigger blocks" get mined (eg, 2 MB, or 4 MB), and then we decide we don't like it, can everyone "signal for" smaller blocks after a couple of weeks of bigger blocks? Can the chain reverts to a smaller blocksize, after a brief, one-week "bulge" of bigger blocks?
(7) If we have an isolated incident where a single very-big block gets appended to the chain & accepted to a sufficient depth (say, an 8 MB block or a 32 MB, that some miner somehow managed get accepted on the chain)
  • Can the chain revert to smaller blocks after an isolated incident of one very-big block?
  • Or are we "stuck" with that bigger blocksize forever, simply because one got mined in the past?
(8) Remember BitPay Adaptive Blocksize? One of the nice things about it was that its consensus-forming mechanism was based on taking a median of what people were signalling - and the median is a more robust statistic (harder to fake/sybil?).
Can any ideas from BitPay Adaptive Blocksize (eg, using the median) be incorporated into Bitcoin Unlimited?
These are just some initial questions.
Other people probably have many more.
Hopefully we can have some good discussion and analysis, so we can keep the network safe & growing.
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What bitcoin blog, news or content websites do you follow ?

I was looking for a bitcoin blog I visited recently but couldn't find it (oldschool design but content seemed promising, I think it has some ties to mircea popescu, it's not trilemna but the name was similar I think, short url). If anyone can give me the url?
I'm also curious about what other quality content websites are out there.
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Lampix (PIX) All-in-one Thread

Lampix (PIX)
New York Office
1412 Broadway, New York, NY 10018
Our vision is a Lampix in every home, office, store, and factory.
Our mission is to free humans from digital screens.
Smart Surface
4 Augmented and Virtual Reality Projects That Point to the Future of Education
How Decentralized Technology and AR will Change the Travel Industry in 2018
Five Ways Blockchain Is Bringing Mixed Reality Into Our Lives
Lampix Named Best AR Display 2017 by Next Reality
TechCrunch: Lampix brings augmented reality to any real-life, flat surface
Computerworld: Got a flat surface? Lampix can turn it into a display
ITWorld: This smart light is bright...
TWiT: TechCrunch Disrupt 2016
Stirile ProTV
bbaz: Lampix: een hele slimme lamp
Highway1: Founder Friday: George Popescu and Mihai Dumitrescu of Lampix
Consumer Technology Association
Next Reality Augmented Reality News
Digital Trends
MedCity News: 5 startups from the SXSW Accelerator that you should meet
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Buna ziua Brasov
Les Affaires:10 choses à savoir mercredi
L'Usine Digitale: [SXSW] Cinq start-up qui ont brillé au festival South by Southwest 2017
Mashable: This lamp is a smart surface in disguise
Futurism: Meet The Lamp That Turns Your Table Into A Smart Surface
Fast Moving Targets
Drimble: De 10 startup winnaars van SXSW (5/5): Laughly en Lampix
Next Reality: 'Create Magic in Seconds' with Lightform's New Computer Made to Project Augmented Reality
Noticiasaominuto: Conheça 'Lampix': o abajur que cria interações futurísticas
Olhar Digital: Abajour transforma qualquer superfície em tela interativa Meet The Lamp That Turns Your Table Into A Smart Surface
Realidad Aumentada Perú
Reality News:Your Desk Can Be an AR Smart Surface with Lampix
Disrupter: Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting Augmented Reality
L'ADN: Nanolike et Lampix primées lors du Challenge startup organisé par Omnes Capital à Vivatech
Video: Lampix Transforms Any Surface Into An Interactive AR Panel | Mach | NBC News
Next Reality: Lampix, Nokia, Xiaomi & More Invest in AR
The Wall Street Journal: Digital-Coin Companies Shrug Off SEC Scrutiny
Mashable: Your desk lamp just got an upgrade and omg it's SO cool!
Never Stop Marketing: 3 Examples of Crypto-Token Fueled Innovation
Nasdaq: How the Blockchain Could Become an Image Dataset Repository for AVR
Bitcoin Magazine: How the Blockchain Could Become an Image Dataset Repository for AVR
Forbes: Lampix's Augmented Reality 'Crypto' Crowdfund Scores $4.5M, Targets $60M
Newswire: Lampix Token Launch Raises Over $3 Million in 3 Minutes in Pre-Sale
Video: Bloomberg’s Augmented Reality (AR) Fellowship
CoinSchedule: ICO Spotlight: Interview with George Popescu from Lampix
CoinTelegraph: Blockchain Use Cases: From Image Mining & Virtual Economy to Crowdfunding
Newswire: Lampix Token Launch Raises Over $3 Million in 3 Minutes in Pre-Sale
Newswire: Lampix Token Launch Raises Over $5 Million in 48 Hours
How augmented reality startup Lampix is taking on Apple, Google and Facebook
CoinTelegraph: Lampix Creating Blockchain-based Decentralized Database of Images for AAI
applancer: 15 Insights on Lampix ICO
Video: Interview With George Popescu, Lampix ICO
Artifical Reality News: Lampix Is Developing The First Blockchain-Based Network For Augmented Reality
Blockchain News: Lampix Image Mining for Augmented Reality
NExt Reality: Immersv Closes Funding Round While Lampix Completes Coin Offering
Newswire: Lampix Crowdsale Ends With Over $14.2 Million Raised
Video: Lampix Live Stream AMA w/CEO George Popescu
Forbes: Crypto And ICOs Just Entered The Physical World In A Big Way
Newswire: Lampix Announces a Leading Premium Automotive Company Has Become a Customer
BadCryptoPodcast: ICO Spotlight: Lampix, Miniapps & Flixxo
Luxuo: An Interview with George Popescu, Managing Partner of Block X Bank on Cryptocurrencies
The Investor
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First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC) Token

FTEC is an an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.
The main objective of First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC) team is to build a unique trading ecosystem with a complete toolkit for working on cryptocurrency markets. It is also important to form a broad community that will share the values of the project and actively support the developers.
FTEC is designed to minimize the risks for investors by using the recommendations of the automatic search system for the most profitable offers on the market. Due to the use of automatized cryptoacademy and broad knowledge base, users will be able to study the specifics of cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, they will be able to overview the latest trends within the industry via smart service for analyzing social networks and search engines data.
There is basic portfolio management for creating and tracking stats, in addition to a global price analyzer that finds investors the most profitable offers on exchanges with the lowest rates. And those are just some of the feature FTEC has to offer.
Here are some reasons to join First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC)
Services of First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC)
. * Smart Trading Modules
. Partners of First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC)
. * Ambisafe Software : https://
ICO Details of First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC)
0 - 1 000 : 25%
1 000 - 2 000 : 20%
2 000 - 4 000 : 15%
Token Distribution Details
. People behind "FTEC" Project.
Andrey Dryga : Blockchain | ICO Analyst | ICO-Anti-Scam expert LinkedIn : https://
Egor Osaulenko : Software Developer LinkedIn : https://
Learn more about First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC)
Website : https://
White Paper : https://
Telegram : https://
Twitter : https://
Facebook : https://
BitcoinTalk : https://
YouTube : https://
Reddit : https://
Github : https://
LinkedIn : https://
Medium : https://
BitcoinTalk profile ID : App50
BitcoinTalk profile Link : https://;u=1729506
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Bitcoin has declined for 7 weeks in a row, This is the worst weekly performance of all time.

Even the 2011 decline did not see 7 weeks down in a row. Is this a harbinger of things to come?
Mark Karpeles NEEDS to GO. Either put Mt.Gox for sale or declare bankruptcy, this is like a piano hanging over bitcoin.
Developers are now complaining about not being paid enough.
Very little progress in the core protocol in over 2 years.
Almost no leadership at all anywhere. A few business's making the loot(bitpay, coinbase).
Amir Taaki is homeless.
You know it is bad when Mr. Mircea Popescu is the only credible community member left out there with a track record. Having called Mt.Gox collapse, Bitcoin Foundation collapse etc.
Roger Ver should buy out Mt.Gox since he openly vouched for it. Andreas, Roger and Shrem have all vouched for Mt.Gox let them wind it down or take it over, they have the capital and skillsets.
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15 People Plead Guilty in Bitcoin-Powered Fake Auctions Case CE A SPUS INVESTITORUL DE BITCOIN - YouTube HOW TO EXCHANGE BITCOIN FOR CASH ODIPI FURA $15.000 IN BITCOIN (Method 2020) 📈 *ANDY ... Andy Popescu - YouTube

Popescu será el presidente de la junta asesora de Gatecoin. Bitcoin está aquí para revolucionar la forma en que se realizan los pagos. Los pagos con Bitcoin son instantáneos, 100% seguros y, por mucho, más baratos. Tendrá un impacto en la humanidad de la misma manera como lo hizo el papel moneda cuando sustituyó a las monedas de oro y ... Unlike Bitcoin, both states collectively and the people making them up individually are entities, and as such they can do or not do things. One thing states can do is add Bitcoin to the list of their enemies. Another thing states can do is avoid populating their list of enemies with things that aren't entities, for the very simple reason that nobody's yet won the pissing in the wind and ... Effect of 2020 US Presidential Election on Gold, Dollar, and Bitcoin. Analyst and consultant Dan Popescu has shared his view on how the outcome of the U.S. presidential election could affect ... Recently, also reported that analyst and consultant Dan Popescu predicted how the outcome of the November presidential election could lead to a dollar collapse and a boost in the ... Fabrica de BITCOIN a lui Andy Popescu. Alex Ciocan March 12, 2018 Lumea lui Alex. L-am descoperit recent pe net pe Andy Popescu, un youtuber român mai mult decât interesant. Deși primele contacte ale mele cu clipurile lui nu au fost unele tocmai ok, părea genul de om care face clipuri cu mașini scumpe pe care nu le poate justifica, într-un final după ce am mai urmărit câteva materiale ...

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15 People Plead Guilty in Bitcoin-Powered Fake Auctions Case

Am inceput acest canal prin 2006 cand am postat cateva filmulete din vacante pentru cativa prieteni, apoi de-a lungul urmatorilor 9-10 ani am postat diverse ... Andy Popescu email : [email protected] Andy Personal Instagram : AndyPopescuVlogs In acest episod vorbim putin despre Jaguar, si aflati ultimele noutati le... HOW I WON 1 BITCOIN - Duration: 31:08. Andy Popescu 115,763 views. 31:08. Are sa-mi dea 50 000 EURO - Duration: 25:19. Andy Popescu 110,314 views. 25:19 #0025 Am investit 1 Leu in Electroneum, cat ... 🔔 LASATI COMENTARIU 🔔 \ DESCHIDE-MA / 🔶DISCORD: 👑CANALE ODIPI OFFICIALE👑 🔶 ROOM ODIPI : ... HOW I WON 1 BITCOIN - Duration: 31:08. Andy Popescu 116,100 views. 31:08. Cum sa construiesti un RIG pentru MINAT - Duration: 10:38. Bobo Coin 75,824 views. 10:38. CE ESTE BITCOIN SI CUM SA AJUNGI ...